UNBIASED Picks Purchased Privately until 2016


Yearly Private eConsulting Available NOW!

The NEW T.F.I.O. Private e-Consulting is not your typical sports advisory package. As of 01/01/2014 I have streamlined the old “Private Consulting” package to a NEW & Improved Private e-Consulting. You will receive unlimited text & email access, to ask my personal opinion on any game match-ups you are thinking about placing a wager on.

Some quick examples of my NEW “Private e-Consulting” in use:

1. I have a customer who emails me (2 to 3 game match-ups usually) and will ask me “what 2 or 3 team parlay I like the best?”.
2. I have a customer who likes to bet teasers and will send me a game match-up and will ask my opinion on what 2 team teaser I like on the side/total.
3. I have a customer who will text me sometimes right before a game starts and ask “real quick who do you like in this game?”.
The list goes on and on. I have even helped other customers brand, build and start websites online with everything from coming up with the initial company name, the branding, and even the slogans sometimes. So if there’s ever anything you want to ask me, feel free. I mean I can’t help with legal matters or medical matters, things of that nature but if I have an opinion I’ll be glad to share it with you no matter what subject normally, it doesn’t always have to be about sports.

Is this service 7 days a week?

YES but I tell all “Private e-Consulting” Customers to try and limit the picks / questions to 3 per day if possible, just so I have a chance to get back to everyone. Emails & Texts are returned on First-Come, First-Serve Basis.

Why aren’t the UNBIASED Sports Picks Included in the Private Consulting Fee?

Simple, to remain UNBIASED! I can’t be thinking about “oh he will not renew his e-Consulting service if I don’t win these games”, otherwise guess what happens? You GOT IT!

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