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POSITIVE THINKING Sports Handicapping for High Rollers & VIP's


30, 25, 18 (x2), 16 (x2), 15, 14 (x2), 13 (x4), 11 (x5) and 10 (x3)!

Ok focuses on one main concept "POSITIVE THINKING" and using some "LAW OF ATTRACTION" type methods when coming up with sports picks. Truly believing that together we have the power in our mind to accomplish anything, including the ability to be successful and make obscene amounts of money when it comes to sports betting, and it’s a must-have mindset for this to work in my opinion. But see the results yourself, to see if it’s working thus far. I know it’s hard to believe but you have to in order to proceed here. See the problem is when you go to place a wager on your own opinion; you are creating a biased bet in my opinion which usually results in losing records and loss of money, because if you were truly a successful sports bettor you probably wouldn’t be here reading this right now, but that’s OK, because there’s a reason you’re here, something much GREATER then all of us bought you to this site and has you reading this webpage right now. So what I do is simple, I provide you with totally UNBIASED Sports Picks to the best of my ability. The sports picks offered & provided here at T.F.I.O I do NOT, I repeat do NOT bet on myself, and I know these picks will WIN because I have no money myself riding on them, it’s your job as a T.F.I.O Customer to hammer these sport picks with a positive attitude and the mindset that you absolutely know in your heart of hearts you’re going to WIN, no doubts, no questions, and knowing you’re going to collect BIG. Why do you think every year there's some story about a little girl, a dog, cat or even monkey out-picking professional handicappers? Because the little girl or monkey could care less what the outcome is. See that’s THE SECRET! Now this site is NOT for the average player, this site is for HIGH ROLLERS & VIP’s who can really take advantage of the picks I provide when I have them. As I’ve mentioned previously it is important to have a positive mindset when placing any amount of money on online betting. If you’re confident about the sports bet you’ve placed, there’s a good possibility that you’re going to win. My service isn't all about Wins or Loss’s, it's about getting my customers mind into a better state and trying to get people to do better things with their money then "gamble" with it. So when/if a loss does occur it's 1/2 as much you would normally lose and you did something great with other 1/2 if you followed the T.F.I.O Golden Rules. No one needs to pay me to accomplish this mindset on their own. You can read and implement the T.F.I.O Golden Rules on your own sports picks for the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL; and you should see an increase in results. Personally I don’t feel real strong about a lot of games per week; I’m very selective and only use a pick when it meets all my personal "POSITIVE THINKING" criteria or when "I’M FEELING IT" as they say and this only happens on average anywhere from  5 to 6 times a week during the baseball, basketball, hockey and football College & Pro seasons. But you’ll see runs where "I’m feeling it" on UNBIASED Sports Picks that could run into the Double Digits, but my main goal with THE FIX IS ON (T.F.I.O) venture is to just to try to get the people who are truly able to make a difference in this world to do so, and at the same time be rewarded for doing so. Which is why this service is technically for High Rollers & VIP’s only, and the T.F.I.O venture has been going as planned thus far AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE RESULTS. My picks when available are sold on the site for $500 regularly the day of the UNBIASED Sports Pick is available and what you bet on them is entirely up to you. But I have been running a lot of Specials on my Sports Picks in 2013. Special rates are offered to those who have joined & continue to receive the T.F.I.O Newsletter.

But every pick I offer here from the official launch of the site to infinity will be posted right here on the website with the result WIN or LOSE posted within 24 to 72hrs later.

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