Golden Rules

I personally wanted to welcome you to and give you some of my Golden Rules that ALL T.F.I.O Members are told to follow before the NEXT UNBIASED Sports Pick is delivered to you. As always if I add to these rules or modify them I’ll send all my T.F.I.O Customers a new updated copy. I’m always listening and learning to improve on every aspect of this venture and will pass anything I think could be helpful and/or beneficial on to you in the process. So here they are…

Whatever you want to bring into your life, (love, health, happiness, winning, money, success etc…) you must be willing to GIVE the same to someone else or help them obtain it too. So I have put together a few of “Golden Rules” for Single Pick & Private Consulted Customers to try and follow. Now keep in mind I say “TRY” because this is about a complete overhaul of your normal Betting Mind, so it’s going to take some time usually to adjust and that’s OK if you’re unable to follow them all at first, but like anything else in life, once you keep trying and get into a routine, you’ll be fine and you’ll just start doing all these things without even trying. So come back to this email as much as you need to, nobody is perfect and you’ll need to come back and re-read this I’m sure until it just becomes second nature to you.

1. UNBIASED Sports Pick Day = GOOD DEED DAY:

To Start and this is pretty easy: On the days we have an “UNBIASED” Positive Thinking Sports Picks I want you to take at least $100 out of what you plan on wagering on the pick and anonymously or not do something for someone you don’t even know. Usually the opportunity will present itself to you with ease as you go through your everyday travels and when it does “jump on it”, you’ll hear your conscience / little voice inside, and you’ll just do it. Feel free to let me know what you did on UNBIASED GAMEDAY as I love these amazing stories and it’s nice to let someone else know what you did, the only other person I ever relay these stories to is my wife, so you never have to worry about anything you tell me going past us. Here’s a prime example of what I mean, and this type of stuff happens to me many times throughout any given year, and it will start happening to you too trust me. This story was very recent and happened to me on 5/9/11. I was unable to leave the house because of something I was working on and I was literally in front of my computer ALL DAY LONG and it was a day we had an UNBIASED Sports Pick, well the doorbell rings and a little boy came to my door with a cardboard box that contained around 20 items, boxes of candy, scented candles, and a few coloring books & some other kids things. He was selling this stuff door to door as his after school job; he was probably 13 or 14 at the most and this was on a weekday during a school week. I asked him “have you ever sold that entire box in one day?” he told me that when he works full days on the weekends he can sometimes sell a whole box and he gets 60% of whatever he sells. So I asked him to give me a total for the whole box, and it was $133, so I told him I want the cardboard box too and gave him $140. I then had to call the kids boss on my cell phone because he drops these kids off in a little mini-van and then meets them at the end of the street when they’re done 20 or 30 minutes later. Well I was only like the second or third house in from where he started and I didn’t want the kid having to wait at the end of the road for a half hour because he had no more product. So I watch the boss get out of his van, he waved to me and start patting the kid on the back. I go inside and I watch through the window and I see the kid is just so excited, he’s pointing at the house & literally jumping up & down talking to a couple other kids in the van. It was truly an awesome sight, so I put the box on the kitchen counter and wrote a note on the box that said “Honey, here’s a $133 worth of candy & candles just because I love you!” and went back to working. Well the next day I get up to look at the results for the previous nights UNBIASED Sports Pick, which was the OVER 198 Thunder/Grizzlies and the final score was 133-123 and it needed overtime to win. So was it a coincidence that one of the teams scored 133 points, the exact amount of the contents of the box? Maybe, or is there just something so much greater than all of us, and it’s that force’s way of saying “keep doing what you’re doing?” I choose to believe the latter because this hasn’t just happened once or twice to me in my lifetime, it’s happened OVER & OVER again, Year in & Year out, and it can & will start happening to you too. You’re not always going to be able to do good deeds anonymously and that’s ok, but “taking initiative just to do good deeds when you are able to do so” is the main message here.


Now this one is usually the hardest, for my newer customers especially : – ) Don’t watch the game or check the live score updates of the UNBIASED Sports Pick once the game has started. Now I know most of you “need the action” and betting on the game makes it more exciting to watch. But here’s the logic behind this rule. If you truly know the pick is going to win, why do you have to “watch it” or “refresh the score ticker”? Well you shouldn’t have to watch right? Now to take your mind off the game do something else that you love doing during the game; spend some time with the family, or if you’re passionate about your job, go and write down some new marketing ideas to improve your company. Just have it in your mind that the pick has already won and visualize about what you’re going to do with some of those winnings, maybe use part of the winnings to help fund your new ideas. I am constantly looking to create something I can patent, trademark or put on the web as a fun hobby, but “to each his own” as they say.


Get a piece of paper & pen/pencil ready. Then think about what your normal AVERAGE wager amount is per game and write that number down on a piece of paper right now. Did you write it down? Ok now really write it down. Alright first thing you’re going to do is cut that number by 50%. So for example if the number was a hypothetical $10k per bet, your new wager amount per UNBIASED Sports Pick is to be a hypothetical $5k per bet, and 10% of the original number is to be the wager amount for ANY OTHER picks you wager on throughout the week. So for this example any other bets you make on games other then the UNBIASED Sports Picks will be hypothetical $1k per bet. STICK TO THE NUMBER YOU ORIGINALLY WROTE DOWN, DO NOT CHANGE IT!


Now with the left over 40% for the above budget example would be $4k. Take that $4k and do something your passionate about with it, start an online venture, go skydiving, take a shot on some penny stocks you feel passionate about, or buy something nice for your wife or significant other (my personal favorite), just do something POSITIVE with it, something that makes you feel GREAT ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST DID WITH THE MONEY.


If you’re looking to start an online venture or want to run an idea by me, I can help. I have branded, built, and optimized site myself and built, branded, and optimized many other websites online. I know all the online marketing & search engine techniques needed to be successful online as you personally know from your own experience, as you are now HERE at one of my sites, thinking about or actually purchasing. Helping others, building & branding website presences, and sharing my “positive thinking” experiences with other people has always been my true passion in life, second only to my family’s well being & happiness. I have always been one of those people who gets more out of doing for others, then doing for myself and that’s the truth. Some people think I’m crazy as I have often put my own online projects on hold for months to help others accomplish their own goals, but my response is and has always been the same. “IT ALL COMES BACK TEN FOLD, ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL”. Some people might think well that’s why you do for other of hopes for a return, but it’s literally not a hope, it’s a faith I have had my entire life and I simply live by that faith. I know for 100% certainty that there is something much greater then all of us out there, and if you look up at the night sky and truly listen to your heart & conscience you know it too. So I truly try to make all aspects of my life & others lives better EVERY DAY, and if I’m totally wrong about there being a force much greater then all of us? WHICH I’M NOT BY THE WAY : – ) Is this a bad way to live your life? Not in my mind. So enjoy the rest of your life, and live it to the fullest. I wish you nothing but the best and always will! is a Sports Handicapping and Sports Selections / Picks Website that provides sports picks & betting information HYPOTHETICALLY against the spread (ATS) purely for entertainment value. The information, results, data and hypothetical units/profits/spreads etc... are to be considered for entertainment & information purposes only. Use of the information provided by in violation of any countries federal, state or local law is prohibited. is NOT affiliated, endorsed, nor licensed by the National Football League (NFL), National Collegiate Association (NCAA), National Hockey League (NHL) or Major League Baseball (MLB). If YOU CHOOSE to Wager on ANY INFORMATION, please ALWAYS Wager Responsibly! All trademarks, trade names, services marks and/ or logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. All celebrity voices used on this site for web-page intros or placed in newsletters are impersonated; these celebrities have no affiliation with