Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any Guarantees? Nope and again it goes back to the POSITIVE THINKING & UNBIASED issue if I have to refund everyone’s money if I lost then all of sudden my opinion for these picks becomes extremely biased and worrisome. The ONLY Guarantee you receive from me is that I TRULY BELIEVE YOU’RE GOING TO WIN BIG! The handicappers who offer guaranteed picks usually have wagers placed on the other side of these games to make sure they make a profit of some kind or even worse if they actually do put all their “eggs in one basket” they now have made an extremely BIASED Pick that YOU’LL be paying for in my opinion. But I wish you nothing but the best of luck even if it’s NOT with T.F.I.O, I TRULY MEAN THAT! I do recommend you follow the T.F.I.O Golden Rules, as I believe these Golden Rules can only help your cause. You can also bookmark to your favorites or join the T.F.I.O Newsletter to stay in touch.

What is your expected WIN Percentage? I expect to have a 100% WINNING PERCENTAGE, but I’m 100% certain that will not be the case. See the past results page for the current WIN % of This site has to be strictly for entertainment & information purposes only to keep the UNBIASED Sports Picks going strong.

How are the picks delivered? After payment you will receive my next selection via email to the PAYPAL email address you made the payment with. I will also accept bitcoin, cash overnight and western union transfers if PayPal is an unacceptable payment option for you. Email for additional payment information. All that I ask you do is once you receive the UNBIASED POSITIVE THINKING Sports Pick you can simply say “OH THIS IS GOING TO BE AN EASY WINNER!” and truly believe that the pick is going to WIN EASY in your heart of hearts.

How will I know when your next pick is available? Just join our mailing list below and a T.F.I.O Newsletter(s) will be sent out the night before and/or day of the UNBIASED Sports Pick, letting every potential, previous and current customer(s) know that there will be a selection available. I try to wait until the official lines are up before releasing an UNBIASED Sports Pick, but in most cases will have the pick emailed to you at least 2 hours before game time.

Do you offer a YEARLY or Private Consulting Package? Yes but my consulting fee is extremely large and if you have to ask how much it’s probably too much, but it’s normal price is $20k/year. My private consulting does not include the UNBIASED picks sold here but is to give my VIP’s & HIGH ROLLER’s an my personal opinion on any games they are thinking about betting on themselves. Please see the private e-consulting page for complete details…

What if I can NOT afford The Fix Is On service? You do NOT need me or anyone else to WIN or be SUCCESSFUL! Yes I said that, all you need to do to be SUCCESSFUL is believe you can WIN and WIN BIG. So if you can NOT afford my service? Simply follow the T.F.I.O GOLDEN RULES and play your own picks and you WILL BE MORE SUCCESFUL. Don’t think for one second “you can’t do this on your own” or you will not succeed. Again you do NOT need me or anyone else to WIN. YOU CAN DO IT!

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