This is not a boiler room operation; I operate my business the way it should be operated. With honesty, integrity, and the upmost respect for all of my customers, whether you purchase 1 pick a year from me or have been a Private Consultant customer for many years. You will get treated with the exact same respect. I believe everyone deserves to be treated with a positive attitude and get exactly what they pay for in this world, with no surprises. Believe me I have heard all the different stories about these Boiler Room operations who operate with multiple cappers, all giving out different sides of the same games, all calling the same guy saying they are from different companies, etc.. You can’t shock me with your horror story. But that can all change here, if you’re a serious sports bettor and just sick & tired of losing and constantly being miserable doing so, just give TheFixIsOn.com a try and truly believe you’re going to win & will win, and you’ll be glad you did.

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